Soft touch silicon rubber cover case. Every pack contains 1 yellow case, 1 blue case, 1 pink case, 1 tiffany case and 1 red case

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APPLE iPhone 14 Plus (6.7") 3069arlequin-oba-10
APPLE iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7") 3069arlequin-oba-11
APPLE iPhone X / XS (5.8") 3069arlequin-oba-14
APPLE iPhone XR (6.1") 3069arlequin-oba-15
APPLE iPhone XS Max (6.5") 3069arlequin-oba-16
OPPO Realme C31 3069arlequin-oba-17
OPPO Realme C35 3069arlequin-oba-18
SAMSUNG Galaxy A02s 3069arlequin-oba-19
SAMSUNG Galaxy A03s 3069arlequin-oba-20
SAMSUNG Galaxy A20e 3069arlequin-oba-21
SAMSUNG Galaxy A21s 3069arlequin-oba-22
SAMSUNG Galaxy A22 4G 3069arlequin-oba-23
SAMSUNG Galaxy A22 5G 3069arlequin-oba-24
SAMSUNG Galaxy A23 4G / A23 5G 3069arlequin-oba-25
SAMSUNG Galaxy A32 4G 3069arlequin-oba-26
SAMSUNG Galaxy A32 5G 3069arlequin-oba-27
SAMSUNG Galaxy A33 5G 3069arlequin-oba-28
SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 4G 3069arlequin-oba-29
SAMSUNG Galaxy A73 5G
SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 3069arlequin-oba-31
SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 FE 3069arlequin-oba-32
SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra 3069arlequin-oba-34
SAMSUNG Galaxy S21+ 3069arlequin-oba-33
XIAOMI 12 / 12X 3069arlequin-oba-35
XIAOMI 12 Pro 3069arlequin-oba-36
XIAOMI Mi 11 Lite 3069arlequin-oba-37
XIAOMI Mi 11T / Mi 11T Pro 3069arlequin-oba-38
XIAOMI Redmi 10 4G 3069arlequin-oba-39
XIAOMI Redmi 10C 3069arlequin-oba-40
XIAOMI Redmi Note 10 5G 3069arlequin-oba-41
XIAOMI Redmi Note 11 / Redmi Note 11s 4G 3069arlequin-oba-42
XIAOMI Redmi Note 11 Pro 3069arlequin-oba-43
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Contoured precisely to fit your smartphone, this soft touch silicon rubber cover case is developed from soft, silicone rubber and made of easy-to grip material that provides superior in-hand comfort, shock absorption plus impact and scratch protection.

The soft-feel coating looks and feels similar to velvet and ensures perfect grip, great protection and full access to all the controls and features in a context of total comfort use.

The peculiarity of this material allows you to easily remove any traces of dirt by rubbing over it with soft rotating movements.

Thanks to a soft inner microfiber cloth it offers extra protection against accidental bumps

Features: full access to the touchscreen controls and ports; lightweight construction; matte finish; silicone construction; soft-feel coating

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