Slim, form-fitting ultra clear soft cover case with raised edges to protect your device's display and camera 

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APPLE iPhone 6 / 6S 1063-oba-7
APPLE iPhone 6 PLUS / 6S PLUS 1063-oba-8
APPLE iPhone 7 / 8 1063-oba-9
APPLE iPhone 7 PLUS / 8 PLUS 1063-oba-10
APPLE iPhone 11 (6.1") 1063-oba-506
APPLE iPhone 11 Pro (5.8") 1063-oba-1
APPLE iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5") 1063-oba-2
APPLE iPhone 12 (6.1") 1063-oba-3
APPLE iPhone 12 Mini (5.4") 1063-oba-4
APPLE iPhone 12 Pro (6.1") 1063-oba-5
APPLE iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7") 1063-oba-6
APPLE iPhone SE 2020 / SE 2022 1063-oba-11
APPLE iPhone X / XS (5.8") 1063-oba-12
APPLE iPhone XR (6.1") 1063-oba-13
APPLE iPhone XS Max (6.5") 1063-oba-14
HONOR Honor 6C / Nova smart 1063-oba-19
HONOR Honor 7A 1063-oba-20
HONOR Honor 7C / Y7 2018 1063-oba-21
HONOR Honor 8C 1063-oba-22
HONOR Honor 8X / View 10 Lite 1063-oba-23
HONOR Honor 9 Lite 1063-oba-24
HONOR Honor 9A 1063-oba-25
HONOR Honor 9X 1063-oba-26
HONOR Honor 10 1063-oba-16
HONOR Honor 20 / Nova 5T 1063-oba-17
HONOR Honor 20 Pro 1063-oba-18
HONOR Honor View 20 1063-oba-27
HONOR Mate 9 Lite / Honor 6X 1063-oba-35
HONOR Mate 30 Lite / Honor 20e 1063-oba-33
HONOR P Smart 2019 / Honor 10 Lite 1063-oba-37
HONOR P Smart Plus 2019 / Honor 20 Lite 1063-oba-41
HONOR Y5 2018 / Honor 7S 1063-oba-64
HUAWEI GR3 / P8 Lite Smart 1063-oba-15
HUAWEI Mate 10 Lite 1063-oba-28
HUAWEI Mate 20 1063-oba-29
HUAWEI Mate 20 Lite 1063-oba-30
HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro 1063-oba-31
HUAWEI Mate 30 1063-oba-32
HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 1063-oba-34
HUAWEI P8 Lite 1063-oba-60
HUAWEI P9 Lite 1063-oba-61
HUAWEI P9 Plus 1063-oba-62
HUAWEI P10 1063-oba-45
HUAWEI P10 Lite 1063-oba-46
HUAWEI P10 Plus 1063-oba-47
HUAWEI P20 1063-oba-48
HUAWEI P20 Lite 1063-oba-49
HUAWEI P20 Pro 1063-oba-50
HUAWEI P30 1063-oba-51
HUAWEI P30 Lite 1063-oba-52
HUAWEI P30 Pro 1063-oba-53
HUAWEI P40 1063-oba-54
HUAWEI P40 Lite / Nova 7I 1063-oba-55
HUAWEI P40 Lite 5G 1063-oba-56
HUAWEI P40 Lite E / Y7P 1063-oba-57
HUAWEI P40 Pro 1063-oba-58
HUAWEI P40 Pro Plus 1063-oba-59
HUAWEI P Smart 1063-oba-36
HUAWEI P Smart 2020 1063-oba-38
HUAWEI P Smart 2021 1063-oba-39
HUAWEI P Smart Plus 1063-oba-40
HUAWEI P Smart Pro 1063-oba-42
HUAWEI P Smart S 1063-oba-43
HUAWEI P Smart Z 1063-oba-44
HUAWEI Y5 2017 / Y6 2017 / Nova Young 1063-oba-63
HUAWEI Y5 2019 1063-oba-65
HUAWEI Y5p 1063-oba-66
HUAWEI Y6 2018 1063-oba-67
HUAWEI Y6 2019 1063-oba-68
HUAWEI Y6p 1063-oba-69
HUAWEI Y7 2019 1063-oba-70
HUAWEI Y7 Pro 2019 1063-oba-71
LG G7 1063-oba-72
LG K8 (2017) 1063-oba-80
LG K8 (2018) / K9 2018 1063-oba-81
LG K10 (2018) / K11 (2018) 1063-oba-73
LG K20 1063-oba-74
LG K30 1063-oba-75
LG K40 1063-oba-76
LG K40s 1063-oba-77
LG K50 1063-oba-78
LG K50s 1063-oba-79
LG Q7 1063-oba-83
LG Q8 1063-oba-85
LG Q60 1063-oba-82
LG Q70 1063-oba-84
OPPO A9 / A5 2020 1063-oba-94
OPPO A52 / A72 / A92 1063-oba-92
OPPO A74 4G 1063-oba-93
OPPO AX7 1063-oba-95
OPPO Reno 1063-oba-99
OPPO Reno 2 1063-oba-100
OPPO Reno 2Z 1063-oba-101
OPPO Reno Z 1063-oba-102
REALME Realme 5 / 5s / 5i / 6i / C3 1063-oba-96
REALME Realme 6 1063-oba-97
REALME Realme 8 / Realme 8 Pro 1063-oba-98
SAMSUNG Galaxy A01 1063-oba-103
SAMSUNG Galaxy A02s 1063-oba-104
SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 (2016) 1063-oba-122
SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 (2017) 1063-oba-123
SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 (2018) / A8 (2018) 1063-oba-124
SAMSUNG Galaxy A6 / A6 (2018) 1063-oba-128
SAMSUNG Galaxy A6 Plus / A6 Plus (2018) 1063-oba-129
SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 (2017) 1063-oba-131
SAMSUNG Galaxy A7 (2018) A750F 1063-oba-132
SAMSUNG Galaxy A9 (2018) A920F 1063-oba-136
SAMSUNG Galaxy A10 1063-oba-105
SAMSUNG Galaxy A10s 1063-oba-106
SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 / Galaxy M12 1063-oba-107
SAMSUNG Galaxy A20 1063-oba-108
SAMSUNG Galaxy A20e 1063-oba-109
SAMSUNG Galaxy A20s 1063-oba-110
SAMSUNG Galaxy A21 1063-oba-111
SAMSUNG Galaxy A21s 1063-oba-112
SAMSUNG Galaxy A22 5G 1063-oba-113
SAMSUNG Galaxy A30 1063-oba-114
SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 1063-oba-115
SAMSUNG Galaxy A32 4G 1063-oba-116
SAMSUNG Galaxy A32 5G 1063-oba-117
SAMSUNG Galaxy A40 1063-oba-118
SAMSUNG Galaxy A40s 1063-oba-119
SAMSUNG Galaxy A41 1063-oba-120
SAMSUNG Galaxy A42 5G 1063-oba-121
SAMSUNG Galaxy A50 / A30s 1063-oba-125
SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 4G 1063-oba-126
SAMSUNG Galaxy A52 5G / A52 4G / A52s 1063-oba-127
SAMSUNG Galaxy A60 / Galaxy M40 1063-oba-130
SAMSUNG Galaxy A70 1063-oba-133
SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 4G 1063-oba-134
SAMSUNG Galaxy A72 5G 1063-oba-135
SAMSUNG Galaxy A90 5G 1063-oba-137
SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 (2017) 1063-oba-138
SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 / J3 (2016) 1063-oba-139
SAMSUNG Galaxy J4 (2018) 1063-oba-140
SAMSUNG Galaxy J4 Plus (2018) 1063-oba-141
SAMSUNG Galaxy J5 1063-oba-142
SAMSUNG Galaxy J5 (2016) 1063-oba-143
SAMSUNG Galaxy J5 (2017) 1063-oba-144
SAMSUNG Galaxy J6 / J6 (2018) 1063-oba-145
SAMSUNG Galaxy J6 Plus (2018) 1063-oba-146
SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 (2017) 1063-oba-147
SAMSUNG Galaxy M10 1063-oba-148
SAMSUNG Galaxy M20 1063-oba-149
SAMSUNG Galaxy M21 1063-oba-150
SAMSUNG Galaxy M30 1063-oba-151
SAMSUNG Galaxy M30s 1063-oba-152
SAMSUNG Galaxy M31 1063-oba-153
SAMSUNG Galaxy M31s 1063-oba-154
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 8 1063-oba-160
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 1063-oba-161
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 1063-oba-155
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 Lite 1063-oba-156
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 Plus 1063-oba-157
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 20 1063-oba-158
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G 1063-oba-159
SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 1063-oba-174
SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Edge 1063-oba-175
SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 1063-oba-176
SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 Plus 1063-oba-177
SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 1063-oba-178
SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Plus 1063-oba-179
SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 1063-oba-162
SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 Lite 2020 / A91 / M80S 1063-oba-163
SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 Plus 1063-oba-164
SAMSUNG Galaxy S10e 1063-oba-165
SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 1063-oba-166
SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE 5G 1063-oba-167
SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Plus 1063-oba-168
SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 1063-oba-169
SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 1063-oba-170
SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 FE 1063-oba-171
SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra 1063-oba-172
SAMSUNG Galaxy S21+ 1063-oba-173
WIKO Jerry 3 1063-oba-180
WIKO Jerry 4 1063-oba-181
WIKO Lenny 2 1063-oba-182
WIKO Lenny 3 / Jerry 1063-oba-183
WIKO Lenny 4 1063-oba-184
WIKO Lenny 5 1063-oba-185
WIKO Sunny 2 Plus 1063-oba-186
WIKO Sunny 3 1063-oba-187
WIKO View 1063-oba-188
WIKO View 2 Go 1063-oba-189
WIKO View 3 1063-oba-190
WIKO View 4 / View 4 Lite 1063-oba-191
WIKO View 5 / View 5 Plus 1063-oba-192
WIKO View XL 1063-oba-193
WIKO Y50 / Sunny 4 1063-oba-194
WIKO Y60 1063-oba-195
WIKO Y61 1063-oba-196
WIKO Y62 1063-oba-197
WIKO Y70 1063-oba-198
WIKO Y80 1063-oba-199
WIKO Y81 1063-oba-200
XIAOMI Mi 8 1063-oba-208
XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite 1063-oba-209
XIAOMI Mi 8 SE 1063-oba-210
XIAOMI Mi 9 1063-oba-211
XIAOMI Mi 9 Lite 1063-oba-212
XIAOMI Mi 9 SE 1063-oba-213
XIAOMI Mi 9T 1063-oba-214
XIAOMI Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro 1063-oba-201
XIAOMI Mi 10T 1063-oba-202
XIAOMI Mi 10T Lite 1063-oba-203
XIAOMI Mi 10T Pro 1063-oba-204
XIAOMI Mi 11 1063-oba-205
XIAOMI Mi 11 Lite 1063-oba-206
XIAOMI Mi 11 Pro 1063-oba-207
XIAOMI Mi A1 1063-oba-215
XIAOMI Mi A2 1063-oba-216
XIAOMI Mi A2 Lite 1063-oba-217
XIAOMI Mi A3 1063-oba-218
XIAOMI Mi A3 Lite 1063-oba-219
XIAOMI Mi Max 3 1063-oba-220
XIAOMI Mi Note 10 / Mi Note 10 Pro 1063-oba-221
XIAOMI Mi Note 10 Lite 1063-oba-222
XIAOMI Redmi 5 1063-oba-223
XIAOMI Redmi 5 Plus 1063-oba-224
XIAOMI Redmi 5A 1063-oba-225
XIAOMI Redmi 6 1063-oba-226
XIAOMI Redmi 6A 1063-oba-227
XIAOMI Redmi 7 1063-oba-228
XIAOMI Redmi 7A 1063-oba-229
XIAOMI Redmi 8 / 8A 1063-oba-230
XIAOMI Redmi 9 1063-oba-231
XIAOMI Redmi 9A / Redmi 9AT 1063-oba-232
XIAOMI Redmi 9C 1063-oba-233
XIAOMI Redmi 9T 1063-oba-251
XIAOMI Redmi Go 1063-oba-234
XIAOMI Redmi K20 / K20 Pro 1063-oba-235
XIAOMI Redmi K30 1063-oba-236
XIAOMI Redmi K30 Pro 1063-oba-237
XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 1063-oba-238
XIAOMI Redmi Note 4 / Note 4X 1063-oba-239
XIAOMI Redmi Note 5 Pro / Redmi Note 5 1063-oba-240
XIAOMI Redmi Note 5A 1063-oba-241
XIAOMI Redmi Note 6 Pro 1063-oba-242
XIAOMI Redmi Note 7 / Note 7 Pro 1063-oba-243
XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 1063-oba-244
XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 Pro 1063-oba-245
XIAOMI Redmi Note 8T 1063-oba-246
XIAOMI Redmi Note 9 1063-oba-247
XIAOMI Redmi Note 9T 5G 1063-oba-249
XIAOMI Redmi Note 9s / Note 9 Pro / Note 9 Pro Max 1063-oba-248
XIAOMI Redmi S2 1063-oba-250
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Slim, form-fitting ultra clear soft cover case made from high-quality material. While this case only covers the back part of your smartphone with special protection for your camera, it also provides protection for the front since the edges are raised above the screen. Ultra-slim, lightweight construction; full access to all the controls and features; anti-dust cutouts for speakers, camera and other ports.

Features: full access to the touchscreen controls and ports; ultra-slim, lightweight construction; raised edges; display and camera special protection 

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